Corporate Forum 19-21 February 2019 | Wynn Las Vegas

Corporate Forum



The Corporate Forum offers a contemporary lineup of talented and accomplished keynote presenters from a cross-section of industries and global mobility thought leaders, hand-selected to provide compelling insight and actionable takeaways.

Keynote Speakers

Derreck Kayongo

With his trademark panache, Derreck Kayongo breaks down the key factors that have led to his personal success and shares his account of a life which led him to a brilliant transformation as a social entrepreneur. Growing up as a Ugandan refugee, Derreck was introduced to violence, hunger and squalor from a young age. Drawing on the resilience and determination he gained through his hardships, he turned a simple observation into a multi-million-dollar human rights venture to provide assistance and save countless lives all over the world. A former Top Ten CNN Hero, his passion for helping others and commitment to innovative thinking has previously earned him the role of CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Derreck’s inspiring message calls upon audiences to take responsibility for their lives, to consistently seek opportunities to improve, and most importantly, to maintain faith in yourself. 

Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Magazine, Time Magazine and more. As an expert in the field of happiness, she has made it her life’s work to provide others with a roadmap for cultivating genuine and lasting happiness in every facet of life. A successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Nataly found that after reaching the highest levels of corporate America, something was missing. While her achievements left her proud, she felt unfulfilled. Inspired to live a truly meaningful life, Nataly founded Happier, an award-winning global technology and learning platform, designed to determine and teach core skills scientifically proven to increase emotional wellbeing, increase resilience and reduce stress. Through her groundbreaking research, Nataly demonstrates that happiness is not just a feeling, but a skill that can be learned and improved through practice, and that in turn boosts creativity, productivity and profits.

Erin Meyer

As the author of the New York Times bestseller The Culture Map, Erin Meyer’s research provides groundbreaking insight on the communication patterns and business systems of different societies, and how the world’s most successful global leaders adapt their approaches to interact seamlessly across the cultural divide. In today’s connected world, where the scope of real estate extends globally and business transactions take place instantaneously across the planet, it is crucial to know how to effectively communicate cross-culturally. As a professor at the prestigious INSEAD business school, former winner of the Thinkers50 Radar Award, and a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Singapore Business Times and, Erin has proven herself as a world-renowned authority on breaking down the barriers of international business by decoding the most effective strategies for cross-cultural collaboration. 

David Rowan

As the founding Editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine in Europe, David Rowan lives on the cutting-edge of technological disruption taking place all over the world. From Silicon Valley, Beijing, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Bangalore and beyond, he is deconstructing global tech trends in real time and delivering them in clear, accessible ways to those looking to stay ahead of the curve. Through his contributions to WIRED, The Sunday TimesGQThe TimesThe Guardian, and more; David communicates how the Internet of Things, 3D printing, big data, artificial intelligence, and many other technological advances are changing the collective mindsets of businesses and consumers alike.  Through his energetic, visually-stimulating and witty presentation, David inspires audiences to seize the ever-growing opportunities of emerging technologies and avoid the risks that go along with disruption, all while featuring dazzling examples from the front line of innovation.

Featured Speakers

Matthew Ferrara

Matthew Ferrara has a degree in philosophy, is a photographer, writer and is a professional speaker. He has spent the last 25 years traveling the world, teaching others how to apply their creativity and ingenuity to their careers and lives. His journey started in the real estate industry, focused on salespeople, managers and executives in sales, marketing and technology.  Matthew has delivered more than a thousand seminars, retreats and training workshops, working with groups in 49 U.S. states, 15 countries and multiple languages. Matthew also serves as LeadingRE’s Dean of Innovation, 

Marci Rossell

As LeadingRE’s Chief Economist, Dr. Marci Rossell explores how global economies, policies and politics affect our business and everyday lives, either directly or indirectly. Being able to understand how the most up-to-date monetary and global trade reports will influence your customers’ perceptions can provide you with an edge in an age of increasingly globally aware consumers. Rossell has a long history in analyzing the economic market from an international perspective. As the former Chief Economist for CNBC and the corporate economist and investment spokesperson for OppenheimerFunds, Rossell has a proven track-record for analyzing and predicting the monetary trends, international events and capital market movements that influence your local real estate market.

Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T is President and CEO of Worldwide ERC®. She is a strategic and adventurous leader with a keen eye for fresh concepts and solutions-oriented insight, who has extended the reach of the organization within the APAC, EMEA and LATAM regions. Under her guidance, Worldwide ERC® delivers next-gen content, community and engagement to talent management and mobility professionals.

Peggy holds a BA in marketing from Seattle University, has guest-lectured on talent mobility at Georgetown University and Seattle University, and is a contributing writer to the NACE Foundation. She also is an active member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council and an often-quoted thought leader on A frequent keynoter and expert panelist at mobility and HR-related conferences around the world, Peggy shares her lens on global workforce issues, talent and skills shortages, multi-generational workplace considerations, and future mobility strategy. 

Staff Speakers

Bob Portale

Bob is an executive and real estate professional with mobility and real estate industry experience beginning in 1989. Bob has an extensive background in relocation, and has held positions in operations management, account management, and business development. A transferee himself, Bob has relocated several times.

Bob joined RELO Direct® as the President & CEO in 2006. Since joining RELO Direct®, Bob has developed the company from a small, regionally based provider to a robust, consultative, global organization with a growing and diverse client base. Through the execution of his strategic business plan, Bob has developed RELO Direct® into the partner of choice for global companies in the pharmaceutical, automotive, health care, technology, retail, and government sectors, amongst others. During his tenure as the leading executive, 100% of clients report RELO Direct® meets or exceeds expectations. Also during his leadership, employee turnover has remained low (approximately 3% annually) and profits have met or exceeded plan.